We offer a safe space for young girls to express themselves authentically; support them to discover their own inner strength and wisdom; equip them with life-skills that will help them manage stress, anxiety, and insecurity; and allow them to live from their power and deepest truth.




It all starts with a free 30 min. intro session. The intro session is where your daughter and I will meet and decide if we are a good fit for each other, which is a vital prerequisite for the mentorship process to function effectively. It is a time for me to explain how our mentorship sessions will work and for her to ask any questions before we begin. 

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Our sessions draw from a decade's worth of my personal and professional experience. The self-empowerment tools I share with the girls come from my Life coaching program, my improv/creativity/play tools from my BFA in Theater, and mindfulness/meditation/body awareness techniques from my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and a decade's worth of personal yoga practice.

An example of an empowerment exercise we would do together would be to have your daughter take a strengths finder and personality test online. These two tests offer the girls a deeper understanding of their own super powers and also a better sense of why certain things in life might be more challenging for them than others. Instead of feeling helpless to their flaws, we discuss how these challenge areas might be gifts in disguise, and through meeting these parts with compassion and curiosity, they might actually be there to help us become more empowered in who we are.   

For creativity, I often use drawing or sounding as a way for the girls to express a feeling that is challenging to talk about. Instead of getting locked into the story of what happened, we go into the artistic expression of how it is showing up in their life. By drawing the color, shape, and texture of the feeling for example, we can create space from the attachment and identification to the feeling and begin to observe that the feeling isn't who we are, but something we are experiencing in the moment. 

We play improv games to loosen up the mind and to let go of needing to do everything right. One of my favorite games is the "Dare to Fail" game. We take turns stating the words "I failed" and take a bow while the other person cheers wildly. This helps to create a new mentality around failure. 

Many times the girls are very stressed from school, homework and all of the daily pressures they are putting on themselves. I will offer 5 to 10 minutes of rest in Savasana (a yoga pose, laying on their backs) with blankets, pillows and bolsters. We turn the lights off and I turn on relaxing music while I talk them into a deep body relaxation space and give them permission to fully let go and follow their breath. The girls love this!!