The intro session is key. This is the time where your daughter and I will meet and decide if we are a good fit for each other, which is a vital prerequisite for the mentorship process to function effectively. It is a time for me to explain how our mentorship sessions will work and for her to ask any questions before we begin. 

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In these first 12 sessions, we will be laying the foundation for our relationship and our mentorship work together. I will be offering your daughter many basic tools, exercises, and techniques for dealing with the stress, pain, and insecurities she is facing in her life. She will be exposed to a variety of philosophies and have time to discover which ones resonate most and work best with her learning style, creative genius, and artistic tendencies. We will work together to explore her biggest challenges in powerful, playful, and mindful ways. 

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After the 12 sessions are completed we will continue with sessions in the way that best meets your daughter's needs. She and I will have a great understanding of each other, the personal challenges she is facing, what tools work best, and how we can collaborate to explore the issues arising in her life together. 

Each mentorship session will serve as an opportunity for transformation and growth, but the most impactful component of mentorship in your daughter's life will come through the longevity of our relationship. Each time she reaches out for and is met with support, her belief that she is not alone is reinforced, and the circuit of trust in her mind, body, and heart is strengthened.